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Muscle Fiber Methodology Passive Stretching 05/11/24 by Andrew M Frankson

Investment $180 – 6 hour CE

Passive Stretching offers a systematic and effective approach to treating various muscular problems. It enhances muscle functions, which allow you to move with greater ease and comfort. When done regularly, it reduces the chance of muscle injuries, soreness, tightness and tension within the muscles.

Andrew Frankson is a Board Approved NBCTMB Continuing Education Provider in Massage Therapy, and a Clinical Massage Therapist licensed in New York and Connecticut. By focusing on the manipulation of the muscle fibers to achieve overall wellness, Andrew Frankson designed and developed the systematic and effective methods of Muscle Fiber Methodology. This methodology utilizes the combination of Passive Stretching and Muscle Fiber Manipulation that allows clients to reach their optimal performance. Muscle Fiber Methodology is effective when treating stress related muscular problems, rehabilitation of muscle imbalances, and most importantly, prevention of muscle imbalances and stress related muscular problems.

Muscle Fiber Methodology will also help to prevent or delay common injuries sustained by massage therapists. Performing massage is very hard on the therapist’s hands, upper and lower extremities. Soft tissue injuries most common to massage therapists are associated with overuse, which are lumped under the term’s cumulative trauma disorders, repetitive stress injuries or overuse syndrome. Most massage practitioners will experience some kind of injury or pain syndrome at some point in their careers as a result of this chosen career. Preventing these injuries is a priority. With that in mind, over 70% of the methods are done with the therapist sitting on a rolling stool, which helps to prevent these injuries.

His mission is to provide a practiced group of muscle fiber manipulating methods that creates a wellness-oriented personal care for everyone, including massage therapists.

The class for Passive Stretching will be held on May 11th 2024.
There will be also be two day workshop held on May 25th & 26th 2024 for Manipulation Methods.

For more information or to register contact MFM_LLAD@icloud.com or 845-391-9501

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