Therapeutic Massage & Training Centers sends out 2-5 emails each week to help recent graduates and alumni find the perfect massage position in all facilities: spas, chiropractic centers, gyms, physical therapy centers, training facilities, private room rentals, and many other venues.

We love hiring students from the Therapeutic Massage & Training Center.  The graduates are very well trained and are some of the most successful Massage Therapists we have at the spas.

– Kim Cagle – Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa – Clark and Woodbridge.

The Therapeutic Massage and Training Center of Westfield is one of the top massage therapy and healing arts schools in the country.  The instructors are experts in their field and the school’s curriculum provides a level of education that equips its graduating students with all of the knowledge and skill sets necessary to excel as a massage therapist.  As a chiropractor, I have had the opportunity to work with many of the school’s graduate therapists and they are consistently professional, knowledgeable, and provide an unsurpassed level of expertise in the field of massage therapy.  I believe that massage therapy plays an integral part in the process of healing, stress reduction, and the maintenance of good health.  For those considering a career in massage therapy, it is a fulfilling and rewarding way of life.  And, the Therapeutic Massage and Training Center of Westfield will give you all of the necessary training, education, and direction to be one of the best in your profession.  If you have a passion for helping people and calling to the healing arts, the Therapeutic Massage and Training Center of Westfield is THE place to start your new career.

– Jason Hagman, DC[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section]

Clients are scheduled to attend Student Clinic events on specific dates and times, where the classroom is transformed to individual, quiet, serene space. Students perform 1 hour massages in deep tissue modalities to facilitate clients’ relief from pain and stress. Clients fill out intake forms for each new class of students (to help the students learn). Clients also evaluate students after receiving the massage through a 1 page form.

The Therapeutic Massage & Training Center is a wonderful place to get a massage!  The massage therapists-in-training are very professional and always seek to understand any symptoms you are feeling or whatever needs you have as their client.  And, you can’t beat the costs of a one hour massage anywhere!  The facility is calming and peaceful. I always walk away feeling relaxed and well taken care of by my student therapist.

– Byron Hurt

I have had the pleasure of taking a tour of the school. There was a a feeling of love and passion throughout the whole experience as they spoke about the school and the wonderful students who attend! I would highly recommend anyone who would want to get a massage or get training in becoming a massage therapist to go see Cecile at Therapeutic Massage & Training Center! Thanks for being awesome! I’m looking forward to my next scheduled massage!

– W.K., Pinpoint Promotions & Marketing

TMTC is an outstanding school!  I am proud to say that I am a graduate of the 2008 class.  This school has equipped and prepared me to enter into a successful Massage Career with confidence.  The small classes were an added plus thereby affording me the personal attention that I needed.  The personal and professional staff and teachers are very knowledgeable. They are current with many diverse modalities.  The level of love, patience and positive energy towards healing of the soul, spirit and body is exceptional!  TMTC also stays connected to you as you journey forward, and will assist you with various postings, e-mails and job opportunities.  If you enjoy being connected to family, then I highly recommend that TMTC is the school for you! Peace & Blessings

– Charlayna Dawkins – Class of 2008

OMG I slept like a baby last night. I worked, then went for happy hour and then massage!! What a day! To reiterate what I told you last night – not only do I feel like I got the best training myself –  but you both train students amazingly well! What a pleasure it is to have a massage at the school where I know I am going to have my Levator Scapula stripped, lats and QL released! AMAZING!!!! Now I can go out and beat myself up again!

– C.G. Client and alumni – Class of 2010

I cannot thank you or your staff enough for everything that I have learned.  You are blessed to have such a fine group of people working for you and with you, in ever aspect.  Their knowledge and expertise is a gift to all of the students of TMTC.
Take care, and enjoy the rest of your summer.

– Very Best, H.C. NJ  – Class of 2013

My experience at TMTC was wonderful! I loved everything about the well-rounded curriculum (Anatomy & Physiology, somatic, chair massage events, student clinics, and most valuable one-on-one coaching with the instructors). My soul has been touched by all the amazing teachers and wonderful classmates. My appreciation and gratitude to instructors for providing me with an excellent education, knowledge and the confidence I needed for a great future as a professional massage therapist. Last but not least, to Cecile for your prompt response and assistance if any questions or concerns, great office manager! Love and blessings to all of you.

– A.M. – Class of 2015

Therapeutic Massage & Training Center is an amazing school that exceeded all of my expectations!  The instructors are all very passionate about massage therapy and teaching and they all have their own thriving private practice where they practice what they teach. My first impression was Arlene’s pure passion for what she does. She returned my initial phone call promptly, she followed up a couple of weeks later and invited me to sit in on a class. I was able to see how she truly values each and every student and their learning experience. My classmates became very close during our time at TMTC & we stay in touch.

Millie, our Anatomy and Physiology teacher had a palpable interest in the topic, which made it more intriguing to learn.   Both Millie and Arlene taught our somatic, Hands-On classes. All the instructors (including specialty teachers) were forever patient. They were able to tailor the class as needed, showing more advanced techniques to those who were ready to move on, all the while making sure those who needed reinforcement received it.

Another unique opportunity at TMTC are the student clinics. Just a few months into our program, we were able to begin practicing what we had learned on clients we didn’t know. We gained a lot of real life experience through working on real people with real issues. Our instructors were  available to provide additional coaching and suggestions when needed during clinic. This really prepared me for working as soon as I completed the program. I can honestly say that I finished the program with more knowledge and confidence as a massage therapist than I anticipated.

I have met therapists who went to other schools – they express how they were disappointed with the education at other schools.  I also have received many compliments from other therapists that they cannot believe how many techniques I use for being a new therapist. I learned all this at TMTC. I have easily found private clients, and I got a massage job right away.  I am so grateful that I attended TMTC.

– S.T. – Class 2015


Millie Ortiz, Owner | President | Director | Instructor | LMT

Millie is a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010 and working at TMTC since 2012. She instructs students in the somatic, hands-on massage training, specialty classes in adjunct modalities, as well as the sciences of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Kinesiology. In her private practice, Millie uses her Medical Massage and Deep Myofascial Release training as a foundation in customizing her client’s sessions to provide pain relief. She specializes in head, neck and shoulder pain with a special focus on relieving some of the symptoms of TMJ Disorders in her clients.

Contact: Info@thehealerwithin.net

Frank Gioeli, LMT, Assistant Direct | Instructor

Frank is a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist. He supports TMTC as a hands-on Somatic Instructor. He is a LMT at a Division 1 NJ college and a Varsity High School Soccer Coach. He also works with students of Rutgers University providing massage therapy several days a week. Coming from a sports background, he focuses on athlete performance and recovery, pain and stress relief in therapeutic, client focused sessions.

Cecile DoAmaral, Office Manager | LMT

Cecile is a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist working at TMTC since 2012. She has her own practice with a focus on deep, intuitive therapeutic massage & energy work. She is the Office Manager and Admissions Recruiter, supporting staff, instructors and alumni. She is passionate about supporting and coaching students along their journey through TMTC.

Contact: Info@MassageTrainingCenter.com

Phoenix A.,  Admin Assistant | Social Media Manager

Phoenix is our 2023 addition to the TMTC family and has been of great value to our day to day operations. Phoenix also has an extensive knowledge in various social media platforms which has been paramount in this day and age.

Contact: Info@MassageTrainingCenter.com

Hiro Takenaga LMT, Lead Instructor

Hiro is a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist. He is a Reiki Master, and has studied Sendo and other Japanese techniques. He supports TMTC with instructing students with the hands-on portion of the program. In his practice, Hiro focuses on therapeutic massage and Myofascial Release depending on his client’s needs. Additionally, he offers Reiki sessions.


Jason Boruta, LMT | Postural Analysis, Stretching Basics, PNF|

Jason is a LMT and TMTC Alumni. Since 2015, he treats athletes and clients with a wide range of techniques in his own practice. These techniques include deep tissue, stretching, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Jason brings all his knowledge, open mind, compassion, and skill to each client, every time.

Jon Kammer, LMT | Myofascial Release & Craniosacral

Jon is a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist who focuses on helping his clients become pain free through myofascial release therapy and craniosacral techniques, and soft tissue mobilization involving the mind, body and fascia. Jon learned from John F. Barnes, PT, and has evolved his own whole-body approach with his clients.

Anna Winkler, LMT | TYT | AyurLC | Specialty Instructor – Thai

Anna is a New Jersey Licensed Massage Therapist, practicing Therapeutic Integrated Massage since 2014 and Thai Yoga Bodywork since 2001. She is a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant from Kripalu School of  Ayurveda first graduating class of 2006. She works with Young Living Essential Oils and Raindrop Technique.

Elyse Breit, LMT | Specialty Instructor – Certified Shiatsu Practitioner & Asian Theory

Elyse is a NJ/NY Licensed Massage Therapist with 25 years of experience in massage therapy and Shiatsu. She earned her Shiatsu Practitioner certification in 1991 and graduated from the Swedish Institute in NYC in 1993. She specializes in myofascial release and Shiatsu therapy. She teaches Intro to Oriental Medicine and Intro to Shiatsu Therapy at TMTC.

Jay Contreras |  Posture Restoration Therapist and Therapeutic Trainer

Jay, a TMTC Alumni, is a PRI specialist as well as a personal trainer who offers Therapeutic Training as the “Anatomy Mechanic” (his business in Edison). In his Intro to PRT, Jay teaches students the value of proper breathing, body alignment, kinesiology as well as expanding their knowledge for client intake and assessments during the interview process.

These are people and businesses that support Therapeutic Massage & Training Center staff, students and clients:

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NJ Division of Education – Onestop Online Consumer Review

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Online Consumer Report Card

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Dr. Todd Carnucci, DC, Westfield, NJ 07090

Dr. Carnucci can assist with any pain and specializes in sports chiropractic and rehabilitation. He works with TMTC to provide support for our clients, students and instructors. His expertise in helping alleviate pain and misalignment in the body is absolutely amazing.

Source Energy Medicine

Stephen Pollitt has created an amazing, simple method for improving your health by raising your energy levels above pathogens and ill health, allowing your body, mind, and spirit to heal and thrive. Author of Heal Thyself, he is an wonderful person and healer. It has been my (Arlene Reardon’s) pleasure to know Stephen for over 16 years. He is an inspiration to many healers on earth doing the work to help others. (A healer is someone who heals his/her-self.) I have personal training and experience with Source Energy Medicine and vouch for its effectiveness to raise your energy level to healthy levels and turn around any dis-ease.

Quantum Touch

Hiro teaches Quantum Touch at TMTC as an expansion to the history of energy work to encourage healing in every massage performed at the center by professional and student alike. Check out what you can learn and jump into a class!

Massage Education

A website where you can learn more about massage careers and products.