• On-Site Chair Massages

    We arrange for students or certified therapists to come to your workplace or office location to perform chair massages on employees or your clients. Relieving stress in the workplace is a wonderful way to improve work productivity, reduce absenteeism and eliminate stress. We can arrange to come to your site on a regular, pre-set date and time.

  • Cost for students to come with an instructor is $40 / hour plus 1 hour travel time. This is the cost for the instructor, not each student. The maximum number of students that can attend an event is six (6). All events are based on instructor and student availability and should be scheduled at least a month in advance.
  • Events must be located within 30 minutes travel time from Westfield, NJ.

Please contact the school if you are interested in having chair massage an your event.

Equipment Rental

  • Massage tables for daily or weekly rental
  • Massage chairs for daily or weekly rental

Massage tables are available for $50 / day and massage chairs are available for $35 / day.  Discount pricing is available for long-term rental.

Equipment rental requires an agreement with your name, address, phone number, driver’s license and a valid credit card. TMTC will keep your signed credit card on file until the equipment is returned without damage. Call 908-789-2288 if you would like a rental agreement emailed to you.

Equipment Purchases

Equipment purchases are available from TMTC. We purchase our massage chairs and tables from Earthlite, Oakworks, Stronglite, and Custom Craftwork. These vendors all provide our school with excellent discounts that we pass onto you.

Call for more information about the manufacturer and model you are looking to purchase. We pass on our 10% discount on all Earthlite and Stronglite chairs and massage tables and carrying cases. Also, some models include 1/2 round jumbo bolster and FREE shipping. Best deal on the Internet!

Other discounts are available for Oakworks and Custom Craftworks. Contact us for current rates and brochures.

TMTC also offers massage tables and chairs for resale throughout the year. Contact us for equipment rentals or purchases.

  • Senior Facility Massages

    We will visit your facility with both massage tables and chairs to provide senior citizens with the benefits of massage. Many seniors fail to get the physical and emotional contact so necessary to life. Let us help seniors maintain health and balance by arranging for pre-scheduled visits to your site.